The Growth of Abalone (Haliotis squamata) In Net Floating Cage At Hulaliu Waters, Central District of Moluccas
Jacqueline M.F Sahetapy and Magdalena Latuihamallo 2014

Growth of abalone Haliotis squamata were studied over 5 weeks in net floating cages at Hulaliu waters, the Central District of Mollucas. The objectives of the research were to analyze a daily growth rateand absolute growth of abalone Haliotis squamata in net floating cage. A total of 45 abalones were observed, with average initial weight ranged of 8.0-8.5 g. The abalones were treated with 3 types of natural foods, and 3 replications were held. The foods type treatment were using 2 species of macroalga namely Ulva sp., Gracillaria sp. and combination of Ulva sp. and Gracillaria sp.. The water quality was monitored twice a day included water temperature (28.1 29.9C), pH (7-8.5), dissolved oxygen (8.2-10.1 mg/L) and water salinity (29.6-34 ppt). The highest daily growth rate of weight was gained in Ulva sp. treatment which had rate of 0.068 g/day at the fifth week, and also the absolute growth of weight was obtained in Ulva sp. treatment which had rate of 4.0 g in 56 days