The Growth Performance of Milk Fish (Chanos chanos forsskall) Selected Pre Broodstock Collected From Three Location of Culture Ponds
Tony Setia Dharma, Gigih Setia Wibawa and Irwan Setiadi 2014

The purpose of the present study was to know the production of milkfish pre broodstock from individual of selection in the pond. Research activities carried out in the three ponds around 0,46-0,60 Ha.. The treatment of experiment were different location wild fry. i.e: A: Aceh, B: Gorontalo and C: Bali. Initial size of location Aceh were TL 24,55 1,90 cm and BW 121,09 22,21 g, Gorontalo TL 26,18 1,62 cm and BW 152,36 39,18 and Bali TL 24,7 1,49 and BW 132,55 27,49. Rear of culture applied with the best standard culture in pond. Research activities carried out by descriptive. Sampling of fry were conducted every 30 days, to measure of survival rate (SR), total length (TL) and body weight (BW) and water quality condition in pond. The conducted of experiment by descriptive. The result of the experiment showed that the best growth were from Bali and than Aceh and Gorontalo. Final growth out average were total length (TL) 30,63 1,47 cm, weight (BW) 483,33 73,87 g and than Aceh 37,03 2,98 cm, weight (BW) 411,5 106,38 g, and Gorontalo total length (TL) 36,04 1,30 cm, weight (BW) 388,89 48,86 g. Total number of pre broodstock from cut off 10% selection each Aceh, Gorontalo and Bali were 280 pc, 300 pc and 350 pc.