Culture of Chironomid Larvae Uses Combination of Yeast and Microalgae
Qori Atur R. Suhada and Tati Suryati Syamsudin 2014

Chironomid larvae are one of live food for fish and shrimp larvae. They contain 52.8% protein and hemoglobin pigments which are only very unique in insects. The purpose of this research was to find the suitable medium for chironomid larval growth and its amino acid composition. Adult chironomids were collected from ponds, and then reared in the laboratory conditions (at 23.70.77oC, 12:12 h). Egg collection was done by providing oviposition place in a cylinder glass filled with water and covered by a net. The hatched eggs were placed in aquaria (volume 2000 mL) filled with 1500 mL of tap water. Five dietary treatments were tested: yeast (Y), yeast and Spirulina sp. (YS), yeast and Chlorella sp. (YC), Spirulina sp. (S), and Chlorella sp. (C). Oviposition time occurred in the dark period and eggs hatched after 24 to 48 hours. The combination of Yeast and Spirulina sp. (YS) was found to be the most suitable medium for the chironomid larvae giving the highest dry weight biomass (4.593.31 g) and total body length (8.670.33 mm), and its amino acid composition.