Sweet Potato Varieties Sukuh Potential As A Prebiotics In Tilapia Feed (Oreochromis niloticus)
Achmad Noerkhaerin Putra 2014

This study aimed to evaluate the role of sweet potato varieties as a source of prebiotic Sukuh in tilapia feed. Seven treatments and The study consisted of seven prebiotic dose treatment with 3 replicates, namely: 0% prebiotic, 0.5% prebiotiic and 3% prebiotic were use in experiment. The results showed that the addition of prebiotics in the feed resulted in better growth compared with controls. The addition of prebiotics 2% in feed has resulted in significant total digestibility, protein digestibility, lipid digestibility, energy digestibility, Specific Growth Rate (SGR) and feed efficiency best value compared to other treatments. Sweet potato varieties Sukuh potential as a source of prebiotics on tilapia farming.