Lama Waktu Perendaman Larva Ikan Cupang (Betta splendens) yang Berumur 5 Hari dengan Hormon 17?-Metiltestosteron terhadap Keberhasilan Monosex Jantan
Prama Hartami, Asyraf dan Muhammad Hatta 2013

The aim of this research was to know influence of 17?-Metiltestosteron hormone for monosex masculine efficarcy of 5nd of cupang (B. splendens) larva and the survival rate. The research was done in March 25th until May 23nd 2012 at Hatchery and Aquaculture Technology Laboratory, GOR Cunda Lhokseumawe. The methode that used in this research was non factorial complete random device by 4 treatment and 3 replication (10 hours, 12 hours, 14 hours and control). Result of using hormone 17?-Metiltestosteron for masculinitation indicate that the highest percentage showed in first treatment (10 hours) that was equal to 92.3%. Based on F test can showed that F count (8.255158) > F Table 0.01 (7.59) due to the survival rate (83.33%). Mean while, water quality check during the research showed us that temperature range was 26.79 – 28.11oC and than pH was 6.86 – 6.89. This water quality value still in optimal range for standard culture of B. splendens.