Tingkat dan Organ Target Serangan Ektoparasit Argulus sp. pada Ikan Mas Koi Cyprinus sp. di Kabupaten Gowa dan Maros, Sulawesi Selatan
Sutia Budi, Paulina dan Alexander Rantetondok 2013

Koi fish is one of the important commodities in the development of freshwater aquaculture. Increased production of Koi Fish Cyprinus sp. Intensive often at risk, one of which is the emergence of infectious diseases caused by ectoparasites. Diseases caused by ectoparasites is often a main attacker (primary infection) or secondary attacker (secondary infection) due to injuries, they started to grow on fish injury and continued to expand so that it can lead to death. This study aims to determine the level of the attack and the target organ of ectoparasites Argulus sp. attack on Cyprinus sp in the hatchery. Sampling locations in the existing seed unit in Gowa and Maros many as 15 fish per week for 2 months. Organ samples observed the fins, gills, scales body, and mucus. Test parameters such as the level of prevalence, pathogenicity, and the intensity of the attack target organ ectoparasites Argulus sp. Data were analyzed descriptively presented in the form of tabulation / histogram and image. The results showed the level of the target organ attack and ectoparasites Argulus sp. Koi fish in the hatchery unit in Gowa and Maros showed a fairly high rate.