Histologi Gonad Abalon Hasil Persilangan Antara Haliotis squamata dan Haliotis asinina
Fitriyah Husnul Khotimah, Gusti Ngurah Permana, Ibnu Rusdi dan Bambang Susanto 2013

The mass production of Abalon fry (Haliotis squamata) have been developed. The main problem of abalon farming is slow growth of juvenile stage and low survival rate. This is affected by genetic and environmental factors. Hybridization among abalone species has been suggested as an altenative to increase their growth rates for aquaculture. This study was aimed to determine the level of gonad development from hybrids of Haliotis squamata and Haliotis asinina with histological observation. The study was conducted at the Institute for mariculture research and development, Gondol in 2012 through artificial spawning. The results showed that F1 hybrids obtained closer to the parent H. squamata. Most of the hybrid abalones had normal oocyte and sperm development with parental species.