Penggunaan Kuning Telur Bebek sebagai Ekstendxer pada Proses Kriopreservasi Sperma Ikan Patin Jambal
Sularto, Evi Tahapari, Wartono Hadie dan Ika Nurlaela 2013

This study aims to find most effective techniques of cryopreservation of Indonesian catfish sperm. Five mature males broodstock were used in this research. Egg yolk solution (5% in NaCl Ringer solution) used as Extender. Sperm dilution ratio 1: 9. While for Cryoprotectant used DMSO and Glycerol each ingredient 5, 10 and 15%. Storage of sperm carried in liquid nitrogen. The results showed that duck egg yolk extender can be used as an extender with a dose of 5%. DMSO and glycerol may be used as cryoprotectants in the preservation Indonesian catfish. Dose of DMSO that can be used a maximum of 10%, whereas for glycerol maximum of 5%. Test results on sperm fertility after freezing in liquid nitrogen has not successfully resulted in hatching the eggs.