Pembesaran Kakap Putih, Seabass (Lates calcarifer Bloch) di Tambak dengan Pemberian Pakan Pelet Kandungan Protein Berbeda untuk Calon Induk Melalui Seleksi Pertumbuhan
Agus Priyono, Bejo Selamet, Titiek Aslianti, Tony Setiadharma, Irwan Setyadi, I Gusti Ngurah Permana dan Gigih Setiawibawa 2013

Seabass (Lates calcarifer) is the one of carnivorous fishes, hermaphrodite protandrie has transition sex from male to female up for 5 kg and from 2 to 5 kg is approximately male. Can life in high level of salinity from5 to 40 ppt. In generally fishes was culture in tidal pond with feeding by trash fish or pellet. Based for providing of breed conducted by magnification and do the selection to get breed candidate with its fast-growth character. Main of research is finding of performance of breed candidate has fast-growth in tidal pond with given by different protein level. The sea-bass fishes with weight ±150 g reared in 2 big ponds. In each pond separate by net becoming 3 seperates pond. In each separate pond reared by 500 fishes, so in all pond fill by 3.000 fishes. The treatment has 3 level of protein i.e: 28-30%; 33-35% and 38-40%, with two replicated. By the growth fish (weight and length) observe by every month, and the fishes has weight about 1.000 g to conducted by individual selection about 50% from total number of fishes. The observation indication of gonadal development, from gonad sample of both of different growth (big and small) group fishes in each treatment to observed by collecting gonad and preparation used with double staining method. To know the performance of genetic of fish by the way to be conducted by perception of genetic performance through allozyme analysis from big and small fish group. The water monitoring to be done every 2 week i.e: salinity, temperature, pH, dissolve oxygen, ammonia and nitrite. Result indicated that the sea-bass growth in pond to show growth weight is the good. The good growth is fishes feed by 38-40% protein level. Individual selection conducted to fish which its weight more than 1,000 g detected by the variation there are 2 loci polymorphic that is GPI and EST. Gametes growth at big sized fishes detected to be formed by male with gamete level 1, with protein level is 38-40%.