Studi tentang Kualitas Fisik dan Kimiawi Pellet Produk Industri Pakan Ikan Skala Rumah Tangga di Sulawesi Selatan dan Upaya Pengembangannya
Edison Saade, Haryati dan Bian Faniarsih 2013

The contribution of home-scale fish feed industry in South Sulawesi is very important, particularly to minimize the high operational cost associated to fish cultivation. The objective of this study was to find out the physical and chemical qualities of pellets produced by home-scale fish feed industry in South Sulawesi and its development strategies. The selected home-scale fish feed industries were those actively operating, that the pellet production process can be observed directly and the pellet samples can be obtained. Home-scale fish feed industries that were taken as research objects were located in Sidenrang Rappang Regency (treatment B), Pinrang Regency (treatment C), and Makassar city (treatment D) and a commercial feed as control (treatment A). The measured physical parameters were the water stability, the degree fineness of pellet particle size, hardness, buoyancy, and palatability, whereas the measured chemical parameters included the nutritional content of the pellet: moisture, crude protein, crude fat, nitrogen-free extract material, and ash. The development strategies of these industries was also analyzed. Study results indicated that generally the commercial feed was superior than the other feeds. When the home-scale fish feed industry locations were compared, the pellets from Sidrap have a better physical qualities then the other pellets. The development strategies of home-scale fish feed industry in South Sulawesi in the future were (i) skill and knowledge enrichment for human resources about the feed production technology for aquatic reared animals, particularly in the feed raw material selection, raw material processing, feed formulation, pelleting, drying, packaging, and pellet storage; (ii) the improvement of home-scale fish feed industry number; (iii) development of large scale fish feed industry in South Sulawesi.