Sumber Lemak Nabati dalam Pakan Pembesaran Ikan Beronang Siganus guttatus
Neltje N. Palinggi dan Samuel Lante 2013

This study aimed to find out the source of vegetable fat in rabbit fish feed, Siganus guttatus right to obtain optimal. Meeting the needs of fat as an energy source in fish feed can be obtained from animal and vegetable fats. Provision of animal and vegetable fats in the diet is necessary to meet the needs of omega-3 and omega-6 in the growth process of fish. One of the activities is the fat needs to know the exact source of vegetable fat for fish rearing beronang test fish used in this experiment was a fish beronang average size of 105.62±18.9 g/fish. Test fish stocked in the tub size 1 x 1 x 2 m3 at a density of 15 fish/tub and fed dry pellet testing with the tested treatment is a different source of vegetable fat is soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil and palm oil. Given the satiation feed 3 times a day. Obtained during 20 weeks of maintenance vegetable fat sources that can be used in fish feed beronang enlargement is soybean oil, corn oil and canola oil to provide daily growth rate, feed conversion ratio, protein retention, fat retention, and survival rate amounted to 0.34% -0.46% / day; 0.47 to 0.64; 34.57% -36.36%, 28.56% -39.72%, and 82% -98%.