Pengaruh Pemberian Minyak Nabati dan Minyak Ikan dalam Pakan Komersial Terhadap Pertumbuhan Calon Induk Ikan Bandeng di Tambak
Irwan Setyadi, Agus Prijono dan Ketut Suwirya 2013

Milkfish, Chanos chanos is one of economically important fish whose population is almost scattered in the waters of Indonesia. The study was conducted in Pejarakan ponds, Pejarakan village , Buleleng regency, Bali. Pond size used ± 14,200 m2 separated net into 4 plots; each plots ± 2350 m2. Weight of the fish used ± 806 g. Stocking density 165 ind./plot. The feeding treatment A = commercial pellet + vegetable oils; Treatment B = commercial pellet + fish oil. The feeding of fish during maintenance broodstock with frequency of 3 times/day as much as 3% / day. The result of observation that the activity of observed growth of broodstock milkfish, Chanos chanos in ponds by treatment A produces: body length: 52.36 ± 0.19 cm; weight: 1595.32 ± 52.36 (g); B = body length: 53.27 ± 0.11 (cm), body weight: 1709.4 ± 246.27 (g). The data result showed that treatment B of growth of length and weight are good when compared with treatment A; later from the analysis of the fatty acid content of DHA treatment B has a content of 3.72% when compared to treatment A is 2.86%. Research purposes to obtained data and information milkfish broodstock production through of vegetable oils and fish oils addition in feed formulation.