Pertumbuhan dan Kandungan Asam Lemak Udang Windu Asal Tambak Fase Prematurasi yang Diberi Kombinasi Pakan yang Berbeda
Asda Laining, Kamaruddin dan Usman 2013

In order to support domestication of tiger shrimp both in pond and indoor closed system, it is needed to develop artificial diet for the whole stage of the shrimp including pre-maturation stage. As preliminary information, it is needed to determine the feeding regime of both pre-maturation and maturation phases. This experiment aimed at determining feeding regime of domesticated tiger shrimp at pre-maturation stage. This experiment started with culturing young shrimp in earthen pond until reaching pre-maturation stage or shrimp weight approximately around 60-70 g. Follow-on experiment was a feeding trial of three different feeding regimes 1) 100% commercial semi-moist maturation pellet (100SP); 2) 40% freshfeed combined with 60% commercial semi-moist maturation pellet (40FF60SP) and 3) 40% freshfeed combined with 60% in-house dried maturation pellet (40FF60DP). Freshfeed used in the trial were squid and seaworm. Survival rate of shrimp during 100 days culture in earthen pond was 30% and average weight gain was 95%. During 90 days culture in outdoor tank, weight gain of shrimp were not significantly different among groups namely 12.0% for shrimp fed 100SP; 13.6% for 40FF60SP dan 13.8% for 40FF60DP. Survival rate of shrimp fed 40FF60DP was the highest namely 25% but did not significantly differ from shrimp fed 100SP (18.8%) while shrimp fed 40FF60SP had the lowest survival around 15.7%. Whole body fatty acid content of shrimp fed combined artificial and freshdiet was relatively higher compared to shrimp fed only artificial diet. Concentration of ARA, DHA and EPA of shrimp carcass fed combined diet (40FF60DP) was relatively higher than shrimp fed 100SP. Based on survival rate and naturally gonad development, and carcass fatty acid content, shrimp fed 40FF60DP at prematuration stage gave better performaces compared to 40FF60SP and if fed a sole artificial diet.