Pengaruh Ekstrak Cabe Merah Capasicum annum Terhadap Pigmentasi, Kadar Leukosit dan Pertumbuhan Ikan Cupang Betta spelendes pada Dosis Yang Berbeda
Sutia Budi, Ros Intan , Nurina Leko dan A. Gusti Tantu 2013

Value of quality Betta Fish Betta splendens determined by pigmentation or color brightness level, the growth and health of the fish. One element that has a role in the pigmentation process is internal and growth of carotenoids. Sources of carotenoids can be derived plants like Red Chili skin. This study aimed to determine the effect of the crude extract of Red Chili skin pigmentation patterns on Betta fish. Research using plastic jar container volume 5 L, with a water volume of 2.5 L per container. Test animals used are Betta fish with an average weight of 0.029±0.012 g at a density of 1 fish per container. Test in the treatment of various concentrations of Red Chili peel crude extract in the feed, ie A= 0%, B= 5%, C= 10% and D= 15%, with 3 replications. Parameters measured variables such as the level of brightness in the various treatments using TCF modification, leucosit value and weight of the fish during the 2 month study. The results showed that treatment of various concentrations of crude extract of red chillies in the diet effect (P<0.05) against pigmentation, leucosit value and growth of Betta fish.