Penggantian Total dan Sebagian Tepung Ikan dengan tepung Cangkang Kepiting dalam Pakan terhadap Pertumbuhan dan Kelulushidupan Larva Udang Windu, Penaeus monodon
Agus Kurnia, Asnani , Wellem H. Muskita dan Wulandari Harahap 2013

Feeding trial was conducted to determine the optimum dietary level of the skin crabs meal (SCM) for replacement of fish meal (FM) for growth and survival rate of black tiger shrimp larvae. The shrimp (Initial weight : 0.0134 g) were fed one of six experimental diet for 6 weeks which were formulated to replace FM protein by persentation level of SCM at designated as SCM0 (Diet A), SCM25 (Diet B), SCM50 (Diet C), SCM75 (Diet D), SCM100(Diet E), respectively and one of commercial diet (Diet F) as a control diet. Results from the feeding trial indicates that the shrimp fed Diet C,D and E had higher in weight gain and FCR, however, they had also lower in survival rate compare to the other groups. The present study conclude that only 25% FM protein could be replaced by SCM in the diet without compromising the optimal growth and survival rate of black tiger shrimp larvae.