Perubahan Kandungan Protein Bahan Baku Lokal Melalui Fermentasi Substrat Padat Menggunakan Aspergillus niger
Neltje N. Palinggi 2013

The purpose of this activity is to determine the effect of the use of A. niger in fermentation solid substrate to changes in the protein content of some local raw materials consisting of coconut meal, ricebran and blood meal. Protein is an essential nutrient to maintain fish life and spur growth. Increased protein content in raw materials may occur in the process of fermentation as a result of microbial activity (A. niger). A. niger is a safe type of microbes used in feed raw materials, can synthesize protein by taking the carbon and nitrogen sources and minerals from the substrate The use of A. niger in local raw materials is done by means of fermentation. A. niger cultivated on medium potato dextrose agar (PDA) and then reproduced using the medium rice. Then dried in an oven at 40oC, then used as flour and then mixed into the local raw materials that have been sterilized beforehand. After that is placed on a plastic tray with a thickness of ±3 cm perforated plastic and then covered incubated for 3 days. Then dried and used as a flour then analyzed the protein content by micro-Kjeldahl. Further analysis using the digestibility of fiber glass conical tank container volume 200 L is equipped with aeration and water exchange system. Is inserted into the fish tank test, test feed and feed controls added chromium oxide (Cr2O3) as an indicator of respectively 1%. Fish fed the satiation test with a frequency of 2 times a day. Once it is done then analyzed based on faecal collection Takeuchi procedure. From the results obtained by the fermentation of protein analysis using A.niger provide increased protein content copra meal, palm meal, ricebran and blood meal respectively 9.62%, 47.37% - 48.25%, 18.38%; and 18.89%. From the analysis of protein digestibility obtained using A.niger provides enhanced fermentation on protein digestibility of copra meal, palm meal, ricebran and blood meal respectively 20.77%, 4.63%, 2.1%, and 5.87%.